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Viavi Solutions Inc. FCM-8520-3

Copper (1000 BaseT) GBIC

Conveniently isolate and troubleshoot physical layer issues from RF problems with the highly versatile Viavi Solutions Inc. (formerly JDSU) HST-3000 handheld E1 tester. This E1/Datacom Service Interface Module (SIM) offers unparalleled accuracy and is the perfect solution for the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of E1/Datacom circuit elements. This JDSU tester is a rugged and reliable instrument that supports triple play of voice, video and data over the Ethernet in packet-switched infrastructures.

 The HST-3000 can efficiently find real problems by producing bit error rate test (BERT) patterns and also by testing the frame relay service. This equipment features different software options for seamless triple play testing, service and application testing of Ethernet networks, such as the HST3000-TDR and HST3000-WBTONES (TDR, wideband TIMS options) as well as the HST3000-VT100 (VT100 Emulation option).

The JDSU 3000 E1 SIM offers all-round functionality with various options, including file transfer, storage (VT100 emulation option), traffic generation, verification of end-to-end connectivity, auto-configuration, programmable timers, self-loop testing, Datacom DCE/DTE emulation, and more.

JDSU HST-3000 E1/ Datacom SIM - Features and Specifications:

  • Transmitters to G.703
    • Bit rate: 2048 kbit/s, /- 3 ppm, 1 ppm per year aging
    • Line code: HDB3 or AMI
    • Frequency offset: /- 100 ppm in 1 ppm intervals
    • Outputs: 2 x balanced RJ-48 jacks, impedance 120 ohms, unbalanced/75 ohms via adapter cables
    • Clock source: Internal recovered from RX1 or RX2, external E1 reference


  • Receivers to G.703
    • Inputs: 2 x balanced RJ-48 jacks, impedance 120 ohms or bridged (hi-Z), unbalanced/75 ohms via adapter cables
    • PMP compensation: 20 to 31 dB gain Bit rate: 2048 kbit/s
    • Level measure 3 to -37 dB nom.
    • External E1 reference clock: 0.5 to 3 V square or sine wave, 2,048 MHz, unbalanced/75ohms (at adapter cable input)
  • Test modes: Terminate, Monitor, Drop and Insert, Line Loopback

The Viavi Solutions Inc. (formerly JDSU) HST3000-E1 test set is available for rent or lease at TRS-RenTelco with 24/7 support. To know more or to get a quote, contact us at 800.874.7123.

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