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Viavi Solutions Inc. TB8000-40G-100G

40/100 GE Test Set

Ideal for field test applications, the Viavi TB8000-40G-100G Transport Test Set is a compact and versatile test solution, providing complete mobile support. The device offers solutions for comprehensive Ethernet testing for 40 and 100 GE along with 100 GE mapped into OTU4. It provides protection to your network through its unique Viavi Layer 2 transparency test suite (J-Proof).

Reduce your costs with five line rates integrated into one test solution. The device's primary strengths are application tests for real-world Layer 2 and Layer 3 applications.

Viavi TB8000-40G-100G - Features and Specifications:

  • Features a combination of J-QuickCheck, Y.1564 SAMComplete, J-Proof Layer 2 transparency, and RFC 2544
  • T1/E1 capability through 100 G and OTDR, OSA/OSNR, fiber characterization (CD/PMD), with one unit for fiber inspection
  • Provides results that ensure 100 G deployments that meet stringent SLA-compliance requirements
  • Ability to measure high-accuracy round trip latency
  • Helps avoid network configuration with J-Proof

The Viavi TB8000-40G-100G is available for rent and lease at TRS-RenTelco.

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See Configuration Details
  • CHOTU3

    Otu3 Bulk Test Option

  • CH100-OTU4

    100ge Mapped In Otu4 (Requires Ch043112, 100ge, Otu4)

  • CH100GE

    100gige Test Option

  • CH40GE

    40gige Test Option


    Multiple Streams/COS Test

  • CHOTU4

    Otu4 Bulk Test Option

Standard Rental Accessories*
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  • Cord Power

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  • Carrycase Hard

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  • Stylus

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  • Battery Compartment Rear Slice Of TB8000

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  • Wrench 5 mm Hex

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  • AC Adapter Power Supply 220 W

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  • Module Transport 40 G - 100 G

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  • Battery Lithium Ion High Powered E80LIIONHP

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  • USB Drive with Software and Manuals

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