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Kevin Lyon
Verified Customer
192 days ago
“We have done business with these folks quite a few times. The equipment has always been in good order and their service and support have been excellent. We had a bit of issues with p-cards on our end once and they were always easy to get on the phone and quick to help solve the problem. I very much have appreciated how easy it is to get hold of your sales rep on the phone. Ours is Paul Nash, and he has been excellent. For that reason alone, you should strongly consider renting from this company. If I had to come up with a criticism, simply because I believe one should always offer some form of criticism in order give valuable feedback, it would be that in the one instance where we requested a buyout quote, what they wanted for the instrument was was far too close to the new purchase price, so we opted to buy a new instrument. However, they are not primarily in the business of selling instruments, they are in the rental business. I just can't come up with any good criticism regarding their rental service. That's the best I can do for constructive feedback. I highly recommend TRS. We tend to rent equipment periodically to see if it will meet our needs before dropping several kilobucks on a new instrument. But definitely ask them for a buyout quote...just because they needed more than we were willing to pay on one particular instrument doesn't mean that will be true across the board. My guess is you will sometimes find you get a very good deal on some excellent used equipment.”

Response from TrsRentelco:

We really appreciate hearing your thoughts so candidly Kevin. Glad to hear that we have been able to meet your needs and adequately serve you business. Thanks again for being our customer, we appreciate your business!!

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