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Anritsu SmartPay™

Anritsu is a Japanese multinational company that is one of the leading global manufacturers of electronic test and measurement equipment with a proven track record of over 120 years. Test equipment from Anritsu cover the full spectrum for developing, manufacturing and maintaining communication systems.  

Anritsu’s test equipment is available for diverse needs across mobile wireless communications, RF and microwave, devices and component testing, broadcasting and multimedia, transport datacom, optical and many other fields.  

Anritsu SmartPay™ is a test equipment acquisition program designed to give you the purchasing power and flexibility you need with payments that work within your budget. Anritsu SmartPay™ protects your cash flow, minimizes acquisition risk and, in some cases, allows you to treat your payments as an operating expense.

Anritsu test equipment

Anritsu Test Equipment Acquisition Program and Benefits


•    0% Interest 
•    12, 18 or 24 month terms 
•    Mid-point cancellation option 
•    Full standard product warranty

At TRS-RenTelco, you can rent, lease, or buy any of Anritsu's best-selling products such as spectrum analyzers, signal analyzers, power meters and other testing devices. 

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Terms and Conditions
Anritsu SmartPay™ is currently available in U.S. and Canada only. This offer is valid only for qualified customers. Customer eligibility is subject to credit approval. Minimum transaction amount is $10,000. Anritsu SmartPay™ may not be combined with other discounts or promotional offers. Mid-Term Cancellation Option requires 30-day written intent to cancel notice. Returns will be subject to Anritsu or Anritsu Partner equipment return policies. Other terms and conditions may apply.