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Anritsu MW82119A-0700

700 MHz PIM Master

  • Small Size: 350 mm x 314 mm x 152 mm (13.8 in x 12.4 in x 6.0 in)
  • Lightweight: 9.0 kg to 12.2 kg (20 lb. to 27 lb.) depending on frequency band
  • Battery Operated: 12V Li-Ion battery
  • 25 dBm (0.3 Watt) to 46 dBm (40 Watt) output power

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Anritsu S361E

2 MHz to 6 GHz Cable & Antenna Analyzer

To keep up in today's rapidly evolving wireless communications market, you need tools that enable you to efficiently maintain legacy networks in addition to the new 3G and 4G networks now being installed. And with rate of market expansion, you're being required to service more base stations than ever before. This means completing sweeps quickly, performing calibrations instantly, and implementing fast trace naming while in the field. The S361E SiteMaster does all this while delivering the ease of use, rich functionality, and best-in-class price/performance you've come to expect from Anritsu. Designed to handle the most punishing field conditions, the S361E SiteMaster Cable and Antenna Analyzer dramatically enhances your productivity and transforms the traditional fix-after-failure maintenance model to one that identifies and fixes problems before major failures occur. SiteMaster S361E

Key Features:

  • Return Loss, VSWR, Cable Loss, Distance-To-Fault
  • High Accuracy Power Meter, GPS
  • Field-proven design: Four-hour battery life, rugged, compact, lightweight, daylight viewable display
  • USB connectivity, built-in touch screen keyboard
  • Intuitive menu-driven touch screen user interface Applications
  • Cable & Antenna Installation and Maintenance for wireless service providers, contractors, military, aerospace and defense, and public safety applications
  • Insertion Loss
  • Phase Matching Cables
  • Antenna Tuning

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Keysight N9918A

26.5 GHz FieldFox Microwave Analyzer

Key Features & Specifications:

Cable and antenna analyzer (CAT), vector network analyzer (VNA)

  • 30 kHz to 26.5 GHz
  • Dynamic range: 100 dB to 9 GHz, 90 dB to 18 GHz
  • CAT: Distance-to-fault, return loss, cable loss
  • VNA: S11, S21, S22, S12, magnitude and phase

Spectrum analyzer

  • 5 kHz to 26.5 GHz
  • <> 0.6 dB amplitude accuracy, full band, over full temperature range of -10 to 55 C (14 to 131 F)
  • Spur-free dynamic range: = 105 dB
  • Full-band tracking generator

Independent source, vector voltmeter (VVM) and power measurements

  • RF source: 30 kHz to 26.5 GHz, CW, CW coupled, and tracking
  • VVM: 30 kHz to 26.5 GHz, compare phase and electrical length
  • Power measurements with USB sensor: 9 kHz to 24 GHz (sensor dependent)
  • Built-in power meter: 5 kHz to 26.5 GHz

FieldFox instrument attributes

  • Standard 3-year warranty
  • Battery life: 3.5-hours
  • Weight: 3.0 kg or 6.6 lbs
  • Operating temperature: -10 to 55 C (14 to 131 F)

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Exfo FTB-1-880-FLEX

Ethernet Test Set

The FTB-880 FLEX NetBlazer is a fully integrated DSn/PDH, ISDN, SONET/SDH, OTN, Fibre Channel and Ethernet handheld tester. It offers the industry's largest touchscreen with unprecedented configuration simplicity via hybrid touchscreen/keypad navigation. Platform connectivity is abundant via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Gigabit Ethernet or USB ports, making it accessible in any environment.

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Fluke Networks MFTK1200

MultiFiber Pro MPO Fiber Tester

MultiFiber Pro takes the complexity out of testing MPO trunks for loss and polarity. With an on-board MPO connector, it is the first tester to automate the MPO fiber-trunk testing process without using a fan-out cord. The power meter/light source boasts industry-first functions such as automatic scanning of all twelve fibers and display of test results in an easy-to-read bar graph.

These innovative features allow MultiFiber Pro kits to eliminate the complexity of testing MPO trunks, making it 90 percent faster than the traditional simplex test methods.

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Viavi Solutions, Inc. OSA-110M

Optical Spectrum Analyzer Module

The compact OSA-110M module fits into the T-Berd/MTS-6000 and -6000A platforms, creating the smallest full-band OSA solution on the market. The module also fits into the T-Berd/MTS-8000 platform where it can be combined with OTDR-, CD/PMD-, and BERtester modules, offering the widest portfolio for optical and digital testing. The combination of a high optical resolution, together with the full-band measurement capability make the OSA-110M the ideal solution for testing xWDM systems during provisioning, maintenance and upgrade.

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Viavi Solutions, Inc. TB6000A-OC192-10GEDP

TB-6000A DS1-OC192, 10GE LAN/WAN, GigE Dual Port Package

T-BERD 6000A is a compact and lightweight test platform designed for all phases of network lifecycle from the installation to the maintenance of fiber networks. Modular in design, the T-BERD 6000A offers an extensive portfolio of test functionality for multiple network layers. This package contains a JDSU TB-6000A User Interface Module and a dual port high speed MSAM (C1004). - DS1, DS3, STS1, STM-1/OC3,STM-4/OC12, STM-16/OC48, and STM-64/OC192 at 1310nm & 1550nm - 10G Ethernet LAN & WAN at 1310nm & 1550nm - 10/100/1000M electrical and optical GigE at 850nm, 1310nm, and 1550nm - Layer 1, 2, and 3 Ethernet as well as multiple streams - Contains one set of PIMs, SFPs, cables and carrying case, and Fiber Scope. Capable of performing RFC-2544 testing.

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Rohde & Schwarz SMU200A

100 kHz to 2.2/3/4/6 GHz Vector Signal Generator

The Vector Signal Generator R&S SMU200A has been designed to meet all requirements encountered in research and development of modern communication systems as well as in their production. The R&S SMU200A not only combines up to two independent signal generators in one cabinet of only four height units, it also offers unrivalled RF and baseband characteristics.

Up to two signal generators in one:

  • Frequency options from 100 kHz to 2.2/3/4/6 GHz for the first RF path
  • Optional second RF path up to 2.2 GHz or 3 GHz
  • Up to two complete baseband paths

Outstanding signal quality:

  • I/Q modulator with 200 MHz RF bandwidth
  • Very low SSB phase noise of typ. -135 dBc (f = 1 GHz, 20 kHz carrier offset, 1 Hz measurement bandwidth)
  • Wideband noise of typ. -153 dBc (CW, f = 1 GHz, >5 MHz carrier offset, 1 Hz measurement bandwidth)
  • Excellent ACLR of typically +70 dB for 3GPP FDD
  • Very high level repeatability of 0.05 dB

Unrivalled flexibility:

  • Baseband generator with universal coder for real time signal generation
  • Arbitrary waveform generator with up to 64 MSamples

Intuitive operation:

  • Intuitive user interface with graphical display of signal flow (block diagram)
  • Context-sensitive help system

Ideal for production:

  • Very short frequency setting times (<3 ms); only 450 us in List mode
  • Electronic attenuator up to 6 GHz over the full level range


  • Can be remote-controlled via GPIB and LAN
  • USB connectors for keyboard, mouse and memory stick

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Kaelus IPA-1900A

PIM Test Set 1900MHz, 20W

The iPA is a battery powered PIM Test Analyzer versatile enough to support multiple test scenarios such as testing at the top of the tower, base of tower, roof top and in-building for DAS systems.

The iPA is an IEC compliant high-power instrument that is highly portable, rugged, and reliable. Each iPA comes equipped with a protected touch screen interface for local control as well as an iPad Mini for remote control allowing the operator hands-free testing to ensure an easy and efficient portable field testing experience.

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