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Wireless Install & Maintenance Test Equipment

Discover TRS-RenTelco’s comprehensive test solutions for Wireless Install & Maintenance.

Wireless Install & Maintenance is essential to the telecommunications infrastructure that keeps our communities safe and connected. As the industry continues to deploy next generation wireless, roll out 5G, and expand broadband and related infrastructure, testing demands will also increase.

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The telecom expansion will require anywhere from 10,000 - 20,000 new technicians to support the evolving infrastructure.

Install & Maintenance test solutions include drive tests, base station test sets, cable and antenna analyzers, antenna alignment kits, and PIM testers. Drive test equipment supports all major mobile wireless technologies, from legacy networks to 4G, 5G, and LTE.

Handheld cable and antenna analyzers help field technicians perform field verification and fault location on applications like GSM, CDMA, UMTS, and LTE. Tower technicians use antenna path alignment test sets to accurately align antennas and optimize link reliability during installation. Passive Intermodulation, or PIM testing, is a superior quality control tool that is required when adding or replacing antennas.

TRS-RenTelco stocks a vast selection of electronic test equipment for your field and site testing needs.

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Wireless telecommunications ranks second highest in labor productivity growth over the 1987–2018 period.

Getting the equipment you need to innovate, validate, implement, or troubleshoot can be difficult. Common challenges our customers face include budget constraints, procurement hurdles, fleet deficiencies, and internal silos.

How TRS-RenTelco Can Help

Our team of experts work with you to identify specific business challenges and determine how to leverage our unique capabilities to create financial and operational efficiencies for your business.

Strategic Acquisition

Data-driven procurement framework to quantify the need-state and expedite internal approval processes.

Custom In-House Financing

Flexible programs for cost-effective procurement to optimize your capital and operational budgets.

Fleet Management

Logistical and technical oversight to ensure you have what you need, when you need it.


TRS-RenTelco offers Wireless Install & Maintenance test solutions at favorable terms with short- and long-term full-service leases, rentals, rent-to-buy options, and pre-owned equipment for sale.


Spectrum Analyzers 1GHz - 3GHz

Spectrum Analyzers 3GHz - 13GHz

Antenna/Base Station Test Sets

Drive Test Equipment

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5G NR Network Measurements Using Scanner App Note 1570205472652

This document describes the highlights of 5G NR network analysis from pre-commercial trials and early deployments and introduces 5G NR scanning use cases and the functionality of the R&S®TSMx6 mobile network scanner family together with R&S®ROMES4 and R&S®SmartAnalytics software.

Coverage Mapping with GPS

Spectrum analyzers provide accurate RF power measurements over a wide frequency range. With an antenna attached, RF power measurement becomes Received Signal Strength (RSSI). RSSI measurements can be combined with on-screen map displays to become a very versatile solution for mapping the coverage of RF transmitters.

Distance-to-PIM & Distance-to-Fault

In today’s competitive environment, consumers no longer have to tolerate inconsistent network performance. If their current provider has poor coverage and slow data throughput, customers can easily switch to a different operator offering faster speeds and better coverage. In order to grow their subscriber base and increase revenue, operators must continuously improve the quality of their network by adding new cell sites and deploying new spectrum.

In-Building Systems Testing Pocket Guide Part 1

Test and Measurements play a vital role in enhancing IBS site’s quality and optimizing implementation Cost, hence helping businesses deliver reliable communication infrastructure with profitability and short delivery time.

PIM In-Building DAS

As mobile operators upgrade existing in-building distributed antenna systems (DAS) to include LTE frequency bands, the probability of harmful passive intermodulation (PIM) increases.

RF Interference Hunting Concepts

As wireless services grow, due to a drive for increased download speeds and capacity, interference, once uncommon, becomes a fact of life for wireless and broadcast services.

Spectrum Monitoring Techniques

Spectrum monitoring is a powerful tool that can be used to ensure that the RF communications we all depend on for both civilian and defense applications work, and work well.

Testing 600 and 1900 MHz Receiver Channels When Installing 600 MHz LTE Base Stations

As mobile technology has evolved, cellular networks have drastically increased the density of the RF spectrum.

Testing Distributed Antenna

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) are being installed in large numbers to support growing demand for in-building wireless services.

Understanding IBW

In the early 1980’s when cellular communications was first introduced, in-building wireless (IBW) coverage was not a concern.

Understanding PIM

This guide is designed to introduce the reader to Passive Intermodulation (PIM). It will discuss what it is and its impact on cellular systems, as well as how the contractor, engineer or field technician can test for its presence.


5G operators must completely change the design of their MFH and MBH networks to allow scaling supporting the massive increases in data traffic and tight latency requirements.

Antenna Array Testing Conducted and OTA 5G

5G networks will need to offer more capacity and flexibility while lowering the operational expenses of the system.

Cable & Antenna Analysis

The cable and antenna system plays a crucial role of the overall performance of a Base Station system.

Challenges of FirstNet In-building Coverage

Two years ago, AT&T won the more than $6 billion, 25-year contract to build out a national network for the First Responders Network Authority. This kicked off a public-private partnership that is unique in its scope and in its particulars: a nationwide, LTE network with its own private network core.

Demystifying OTA Testing wp_5216-3789-52_v0100

Heinrich Hertz built the first antenna in 1887, and 10 years later, Marconi began experimenting with wireless communications. By the beginning of the 20th century, Marconi successfully transmitted the first transatlantic radio message.

Evaluation of RF Network Testing

Transmission line and antenna testing has become a common test of RF network integrity. This testing methodology is the result of test equipment evolutions and the need to fully understand the integrity of RF networks after installation.

Field Testing in 5G NR WP

5G NR deployments are planned predominantly on the 3.5 GHz range and the 28-29 GHz range. Both frequency ranges are new to the cellular network industry.

Improving Wireless Network Flexibility Using CPRI Technology

The architecture of today’s cell sites has evolved considerably since the early days of wireless networks.

The Impact of Return Loss

When designing and building cellular infrastructure, one objective is to maximize the RF signal level seen throughout the coverage area.

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