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Fluke Multimeter

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Fluke 8846A

6.5 Digit Precision Multimeter


Fluke 87V

True RMS Industrial DMM


Fluke I-1010

AC/DC Current Clamp


Fluke 87

Handheld Multimeter


Fluke 36

Clamp On Meter


Fluke 77DMM

Digital Multimeter


Fluke 80K-40

High Voltage Probe


Fluke 51

Digital Thermometer


Fluke 80I-600A

Current Transformer


Fluke 322

Digital Clamp Meter


Showing 1 - 11 of 11 results for Fluke Multimeter

Fluke Multimeter

Fluke digital multimeters (DMM) are highly rugged and are used in applications that cover basic electrical testing, preventive maintenance, engineering, and R&D. They can work under extreme conditions such as humidity, heat, shock, and drop impact. These DMMs have been designed to provide accurate measurements, consistent and reliable performance, and safety.

Fluke multimeters let you test from a distance and help avoid hazards like arc flashes. Engineers can read the results over up to 3 wirelessly connected displays. The Fluke Connect® app lets you send results to a smartphone, ensuring high data shareability. Some DMMs use Auto-V/LoZ to prevent false readings due to ghost voltage.


What Should I Look for When Buying a Multimeter?

Before buying a Fluke meter, consider these factors.

  1. Work Environment: It includes the application under test, types of measurements, types of equipment, and DC/ AC voltage level.
  2. Specialty Features: It includes capacitance, frequency, temperature, non-contact voltage, low impedance mode, min-max record, data logging, and trending.
  3. Resolution and Accuracy: 6,000, 20,000, or 50,000 Count resolution.
  4. Safety of the User: Power systems can cause high levels of transient voltages that ride on top of mains, and feeder or branch circuits. Fluke meters comply with various CAT ratings (CAT II, III, IV) that allow engineers to work in a range of environments, from low power electronic circuits to appliances, MC panels, and high DC voltage three-phase power lines.


Are Voltmeters and Multimeters the Same Thing?

Voltmeters are helpful when you want to measure just the voltage. Multimeters give more functionality by helping measure various parameters in a circuit like current, impedance, resistance, and conductance.


Which is the Best Fluke Multimeter?

It depends on your project and budget. Choosing among different Fluke digital multimeters such as models 8846A, 87V, 87, and 77 depends on the application and the level of functionality needed.

  1. Model 8846A

It is a 6.5-digit, precision benchtop multimeter with a basic VDC accuracy of up to 0.0024%. In addition to basic functions like measuring voltage, resistance, current, frequency, period, and capacitance, its versatility can be extended through Trendplot™ paperless recorder mode, statistics, and histograms.

  1. Model 77

It is a 3.5-digit, precision handheld multimeter with a CAT III safety rating and 0.3% accuracy. It helps test basic parameters like current, voltage, resistance, diode test, and continuity test. The bar graph display shows readings relative to the full-scale measurements.

  1. Model 87 and Model 87V

Both are handheld true RMS digital multimeter devices for industrial troubleshooting.

Model 87 provides 4000 counts, whereas 87V provides 20000 counts with a basic accuracy of 0.1% and 0.05%, respectively. Model 87 and 87V provide up to CAT III and CAT IV safety ratings, respectively. They are apt for industrial troubleshooting of voltage, current, and frequency measurements. Model 87V, in contrast to 87, comes with a built-in thermometer, magnetic hanger, and the capability to work at high altitudes up to 2,000-meter ASL.


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