SAS and SATA Protocol Analyzers

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 results for SAS and SATA Protocol Analyzers

SAS and SATA Protocol Analyzers

Find and correct intermittent flaws in product design. Develop and debug SAS/ SATA products confidently with a range of protocol analyzers for rent or lease at TRS-RenTelco.

SAS/SATA (Serial Attached Small Computer System Interface / Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) Protocol Analyzers are used to connect and transfer data between computer systems and storage disks, or massive storage devices like servers. Both SAS and SATA are most commonly used to connect your hard-disk to your home or work computer.

Testing, troubleshooting, and debugging SAS and SATA devices is vital because these are interfaces to storage discs that could be servers or hard-disks that hold valuable data. To ensure full functionality and trouble-free usage, computer engineers typically rely on SATA analyzers and SAS protocol analyzers. These devices are widely used to capture physical links and analyze them for issues.

These protocol analyzers are designed specifically for use with the SAS and SATA protocols that can also address the characteristics of SAS, including wide-links and Serial ATA interoperability.  The traces of the tests are captured by the efficient memory management of protocol analyzers which enables complete verification, accurate reporting and debugging of the SAS/SATA products.

The analyzers provide extensive protocol decoding, expert error analysis, and complete user support when decoding and viewing the recorded traffic.

The errors encountered during the analysis can be understood from the SAS/ SATA Protocol suite (Protocol Analyzer Software) or GUI which gives the view of the data traffic, real-time hardware triggering, advanced triggering, data filtration, filtration of critical components of SAS/SATA protocol traffic and its generation, and error injection capabilities.

Our protocol analyzers can provide accurate and reliable capture of physical links for efficient testing, debugging and analysis of next-generation storage systems. Use this test equipment for fully-integrated multifunctional systems that support protocol analysis, traffic generation, jammer and compliance test.