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Fluke 51-II Thermometer

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Fluke 51-II Thermometer

Digital Thermometer to Measure Contact Temperature

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Product Overview

The rugged, handheld Fluke 51-II digital thermometer features thermocouple temperature sensors and fast response and laboratory accuracy of 0.05 percent 0.3 degrees C. Its large backlit display can withstand a 1-meter (3 feet) drop without breaking.

 Features and Specifications

  • Maximum temperature measurement: 500 degrees C (932 degrees F)
  • Compensation for thermocouple errors to maximize overall accuracy with the electronic offset function
  • Easy-to-open battery door lets you replace the AA batteries without breaking the calibration seal
  • Time reference for major events with a relative time clock on MIN, MAX, and AVG
  • User-friendly front panel
  • Sleep-mode feature for extended battery life of up to 1,000 hours
  • Hands-free operation with a magnetic hanger or hook-and-loop straps for extra safety
  • Temperature accuracy:
  • Above -100 degrees C
    • J, K, T, E, and N-type: /-[0.05 percent 0.3 degrees C]1 
    • R and S-type: /-[0.05 percent 0.4 degrees C]1
  • Below -100 degrees C
    • J, K, E, and N-types: /- [0.20 percent 0.3 degrees C]1 
    • T-type: [0.50 percent 0.3 degrees C]
    • Operating temperature: -10 degrees C to 50 degrees C 
    • Storage temperature: -40 degrees C to 60 degreesC

If you want thermometer capabilities built into a multi-function DMM, check out the Fluke 8846A 6.5-digit precision multimeter.

Fluke 51-II Applications

You can use the Fluke 51-II thermometer to measure contact temperature on motors, insulation, breakers, pipes, corroded connections, liquids, wires, and industrial standard J, K, T, and E-type thermocouple temperature sensors.

For thermal analysis and troubleshooting with full IR thermal images, check out the Fluke Ti25 and our range of user-friendly infrared imagers.


Flex Stand assembly

  • Splash- and dust-resistant case protected by an impact-absorbing holster
  • AA NEDA 15A IEC LR6 batteries
  • 80PK-1-K-type bead thermocouple
  • CD-ROM
  • Service manual

Optional Accessories

  • Cases and holders: C101 hard case, C50 meter case, C510 leather meter case, and CXT170 extreme case 
  • TPAK ToolPak magnetic meter hanger
  • FlukeView Forms software with cable
  • Mini connectors
  • Temperature probes


The instrument comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defects. This warranty does not cover fuses, disposable batteries, or damage from accident, neglect, misuse, or abnormal usage and handling.

What Can You Use the Fluke 51-II Digital Thermometer For?

The Fluke 51-II is ideal for HVAC, lab, food safety, QA, and process calibration jobs. With the J, K, T, and E-type thermocouples, you can measure the temperature of air, liquids, surfaces, pipes, and more.

How Much Does the Fluke 51-II Cost?

You'll typically pay around $350 for these Fluke contact thermometers. Rental prices for the Fluke 51 are less expensive, making it ideal for short-term, specialized jobs. Contact us for price quotes that include accessories. 

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