Viavi Solutions Inc. (formerly JDSU) TB5812-1G-10GE-DP

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Viavi Solutions Inc. (formerly JDSU) TB5812-1G-10GE-DP

10GE LAN/WAN, GigE Test Set

Product Overview

The Viavi TB5812-1G-10GE-DP T-BERD/MTS-5800 Handheld Network Tester addresses the challenges of the Carrier Ethernet evolution. It supports both legacy and emerging technologies required to handle various network applications including Metro/Core, Mobile Backhaul, and Business Services installations. The Viavi TB5812-1G-10GE-DP is a handheld instrument that supports 10G Ethernet, SONET/SDH, and PDH testing with fixed interfaces. Capable of performing RFC-2544 testing.

Here are some additional features of the Viavi TB5812-1G-10GE-DP:

  • Tests and troubleshoots converged Ethernet/IP networks at 10 Mbps to 10 G interfaces
  • Tests Layer 1-3 Ethernet/IP SLAs with an automated, enhanced RFC 2544/SAMComplete per ITU-T Y.1564
  • Integrated approach to burst testing including CBS verifies buffer settings and TrueSpeed per RFC 6349 for performance testing so you can experience your network the way your customers do
  • Robust troubleshooting capabilities including network discovery, top talker analysis, deep packet capture, packet analysis, and expert guidance
  • Tests TDM/PDH to SONET/SDH at OC-3/STM-1 to OC-192/STM-64, including service disruption measurements and path overhead (POH) capture with triggers
  • Tests dual FC (1, 2, 4 G) for service activation and maintenance of SANs and low-latency circuits
  • Verifies network synchronization
  • Emulates a 1588v2 master clock/slave recovery for proper point-to-point (PTP) message propagation and verification of packet-delay variation (PDV)
  • Verifies SyncE frequency synchronization accuracy and Ethernet synchronization message channel (ESMC) message propagation
  • Supports SFP and XFP pluggable optics, including 50 GHz C-band tunable XFPs

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