Rohde & Schwarz FMA

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Rohde & Schwarz FMA

50 kHz - 1360 MHz Modulation analyzer

Product Overview

The Rohde & Schwarz Modulation Analyzers FMA provide fast and high-precision analysis of all parameters of a modulated signal. Thanks to their versatility they can also be used as RF counters, power meters, voltmeters, psophometers and distortion meters. Modulation Analysis with High Precision. the FMA operates from 50 kHz to 1360 MHz but can be retrofitted to 5.2GHz. These frequencies are becoming increasingly important for new radio services and special outside-broadcasting links. Radiotelephony and calibration of signal generators are further applications of this analyzer. Their unrivalled measuring accuracy warranties reliable values. The low inherent spurious modulation and the psophometer function using the optional CCIR and CCITT filters facilitate measurements and the development of oscillators, transmitters, transposers and receivers. Characteristics . Frequency range 50 kHz to 1.36 GHz (5.2 GHz for FMB) . High measurement speed . Excellent S/N ratio even at high carrier frequencies . RF frequency measurement with 10-digit readout . Extremely accurate AM, FM and oM measurements over a wide modulation frequency range . AF frequency measurement with 5-digit readout . Distortion measurement down to 0.005%, continuous in the range 10 Hz to 100 kHz (optional) . Universal filter capabilities, psophometric weighting filters . AC/DC measurement of AF voltage