COVID-19 Alert: TRS-RenTelco remains open and ready to support you during this challenging time.

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We are here for you now, and for the better days ahead.

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We understand that during these unprecedented times, businesses need safe and cost-effective solutions to confidently reopen and resume critical projects. The days ahead will be challenging, but history has proven that innovation prevails in times of crisis. When it's time for you to get back to business, we are here.


A Message from Our Vice President, John Skenesky

Trust is vital to the success of every relationship, and imperative in times of crisis. We are committed to operating with integrity and transparency, holding ourselves accountable even as we face many uncertainties, and we will always place the safety of our employees and customers above all else.

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Prioritizing Cleaning

All equipment and accessories are thoroughly sanitized upon entry at our facility, at every touch-point throughout various processes, and again at shipping. We've implemented CDC recommended cleaning/sanitizing processes within our facility for all workspaces, break areas, and restrooms.

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Supporting Customers

We have tremendous respect for all essential service customers and will continue to support them by providing the equipment and solutions they need to keep all of us safe and connected.

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Protecting Employees

We remain fully operational while proceeding with utmost caution to maintain a safe and secure working environment. Our employees are our greatest asset and most valued competitive advantage. Their safety is our top priority.

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Practicing Social Distancing

We follow the CDC’s guidance for social distancing, and have implemented a new work-from-home policy for many employees. For those whose position requires them to work onsite, shifts have been scheduled to minimize social contact and PPE is provided on an ongoing basis.

Immediate Solutions for Test & Measurement Challenges

Fast & Flexible Equipment Acquisition

Get test equipment quickly and cost effectively while mitigating financial risk. Uncertain times call for alternative solutions. Now is the time to conserve CapEx budgets for high ROI projects and lean on OpEx funds to secure essential equipment.

Logistical Assistance & Support

Get expert advice on custom and alternative lab setups, so you can get back to work when traditional lab facilities may not be an option.

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Supporting Your COVID-19 Task Force

The pandemic has introduced a number of complex financial and logistical challenges to every organization. If you need T&M equipment to get back to work, but are experiencing CapEx or logistical limitations, we’re here to help.


We’re All in It Together:

From 5G development and infrastructure maintenance to hospital equipment regulation and national defense - we thank you, we support you, and we stand with you.

Why Choose Us

At TRS, we pride ourselves on creating exceptional customer experiences and delivering premium quality products.

Let our experts guide and support you through the entire process, ensuring your project is completed efficiently.



You always speak to a live person, no automated answering systems. We have the fastest response time in the industry.



We offer flexible in-house financing solutions to rent, lease or buy, and have over 5,000 calibrated models to choose from - with accessories included.



We offer same-day shipping, next-day delivery with a 99.72% Equipment Quality Rating.

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We have been in business for 40 years with a strategic focus on the rental market. We are a top-tier partner to all major OEMs.

How We Can Help

We are committed to helping customers recover and rebuild, and stand ready to answer your questions, share industry knowledge, and provide the equipment you need to get the job done.


Our team of experts are dedicated to helping customers acquire the equipment they need to get the job done. Schedule a virtual consultation free of charge to discuss your equipment questions, challenges, and opportunities.


We work closely with leading OEMs to stay ahead of industry trends and emerging technology. We're committed to empowering customers as they navigate weighty decisions in uncertain times by sharing this highly valuable information.


Get the latest T&M equipment to support your projects. With over 5,000 models in stock and a variety of flexible acquisition programs, we're sure to have what you need.

Helpful Information About Coronavirus and COVID-19

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CDC’s: How to Protect Yourself

World Health Organization

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