Anritsu S331E

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Anritsu S331E

2 MHz to 4 GHz Cable & Antenna Analyzer, Type N (f)

Product Overview

Anritsu S331E 2 MHz to 4 GHz Cable & Antenna Analyzer

The Anritsu S331E SiteMaster is a hand-held SWR/RL (standing wave ratio/return loss) and Distance-to-Fault measurement instrument that includes a built-in synthesized weep signal source. The S331E SiteMaster includes a keypad to enter data and an LCD to provide a graphical indication of SWR or RL over the frequency range.

The SiteMaster is designed primarily for providing an all-in-one measurement solution for SWR, return loss or cable insertion loss, and location of faulty RF components in antenna tower systems. N (f) connections.

Here are some of the features and specifications that set the Anritsu SiteMaster S331E apart from the competition.

  •  Cable and antenna analyzer with 2 MHz ? 4 GHz frequency range
  •  Range of measurements includes Return loss, VSWR, cable loss, Distance-to-fault, smith chart, 1-Port phase
  •  Ergonomic design for use in the field with features such as; a four-hour battery life, rugged and compact build, lightweight, and a display that can be easily viewed in harsh sunlight
  • USB connectivity, built-in touch screen keyboard
  • Digital TFT color touch screen with menu-driven user interface

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