Kaelus (formerly Summitek) IPA-1921A

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Kaelus (formerly Summitek) IPA-1921A

PIM Test Set 1900MHz/2100MHz, 20W, 7/16 DIN (f)

Product Overview

The sturdy and dependable Kaelus iPA 1921A is a battery powered PIM Test Analyzer. This Kaelus (formerly Summitek) iPA-1921A PIM tester is versatile enough to support multiple test scenarios such as testing at the top of the tower, base of tower, roof top and in-building for DAS systems.

The Kaelus PIM equipment features the ability to provide detailed reports, and can be attuned to a wide range of completely configurable frequency options, powers and IM products. The Kaelus (formerly Summitek) iPA-1921A is also equipped with a spectrum monitor, along with other useful features such as frequency sweep and time trace modes.

The iPA 1921A is an IEC compliant high-power instrument that is highly portable, rugged, and reliable. Each iPA comes equipped with a protected touch screen interface for local control as well as an iPad Mini for remote control. This allows hands-free testing to ensure an easy and efficient portable field testing experience.

If you want to purchase or rent the Kaelus (formerly Summitek) iPA-1921A, get in touch with us here at TRS-RenTelco and request a quote.