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3Z Telecom RFV-EXLP

3Z Extended Lip Clamp Bracket for Vision and RF Aligner

Mount the RF Vision to larger microwave parabolic dishes with

the Lip Clamp Extender, giving you a range of up to 10 inches in width.

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What is the Strap Clamp used for?

The Strap Clamp is designed to quickly mount the RF Vision or 3Z RF Aligner to various antenna types, including panel antennas and microwave dishes, with 360-degree mounting capabilities.

What is the maximum antenna diameter the Strap Clamp can accommodate?

The Strap Clamp comes with standard webbing for antennas up to 2.5' in diameter, with options for longer webbing to accommodate antennas up to 12' in diameter available separately.

What is the purpose of the Lip Clamp?

The Lip Clamp is intended for quickly mounting the RF Vision or 3Z RF Aligner to a wide range of microwave parabolic dishes of all sizes.

How does the Ericsson AIR Mount benefit users?

The Ericsson AIR Mount offers a lightweight, precise, and easy-to-use mounting solution for Ericsson AIR21 and AIR32 antennas, allowing for various orientations during installation.

Can the Lip Clamp Extender accommodate larger dishes?

Yes, the Lip Clamp Extender extends the capability of the Lip Clamp, allowing it to mount the RF Vision to larger microwave parabolic dishes up to 10 inches in width.

What is the function of the Small Cell Reference Plate?

The Small Cell Reference Plate enables the Strap Clamp to attach to cylindrical stealth antennas or small cell antennas, enhancing the mounting versatility.

What are the Nokia FASb Standoffs used for?

The Nokia FASb Standoffs are designed as an add-on for the Strap Clamp to provide a precise and easy mounting solution for Nokia FASb antennas.

Why is calibration important for the 3Z RF Aligner or RF Vision?

Annual calibration is recommended to maintain the tool's optimum condition, ensuring accurate calculations and measurements, thereby saving time and money by avoiding revisits due to inconsistent results.

What does the Ground Verification System offer?

The Ground Verification System allows non-climbers, such as Field Technicians and RF Engineers, to verify antenna alignment and height from ground level, enhancing safety and efficiency.

What is the purpose of the Bluetooth Laser Range Finder?

It wirelessly connects to the RF Vision or RF Aligner to measure antenna height with high precision and accuracy, updating the antenna alignment report via Bluetooth, and includes a built-in camera for measurement validation.

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