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3Z RF Vision Small Cell Reference Plate for Small Cells

3Z Small Cell Reference Plate

Product Overview

Adapt the RF Vision Antenna Alignment Tool to most cylindrical canisters with the 3Z Telecom small cell reference plate for the Strap Clamp.

Small cells, or any cylindrical stealth antennas in 5G technology, have a specific reference point to mount alignment tools. Aligning small cell antennas isn't simple. They are housed in a cylindrical canister that can conceal up to three directional antennas. If you mount the RF Antenna Alignment Tool incorrectly, you risk misalignment of the antenna. That's where you need the 3Z Telecom Strap Clamp and the small cell reference plate. The 3Z Telecom small cell reference plate with the Strap Clamp (sold separately) lets you overcome aligning issues by attaching the RF Vision tool securely to cylindrical stealth antennas or small cells.

If you need to mount the aligner tool on larger microwave parabolic dishes, the 3Z Telecom RFV-EXLP Lip Clamp Extender that delivers a range of up to 10 inches in width.

Non-climbers can confirm antenna height and alignment from the ground using the 3Z Ground Verification System for the 3Z Telecom RFV-2000 (RF Vision Aligner). This Ground Verification System is ideal for RF engineers and field technicians.


  • The 3Z Telecom small cell reference plate connects to a Strap Clamp to align the RF Vision equipment.
  • Line up the tool with the right antenna in a canister for crucial on-site surveys to identify and note potential 5G signal obstructions.

The 3Z Strap Clamp and other antenna alignment equipment are not included with the small cell reference plate.

You can also check out other options in our range of 3Z Telecom antenna and base station test equipment.


Why do small cell antennas need perfect alignment?

Small cell antennas are capable of providing extremely powerful 5G signals, but they can do so for only a short distance and need to be kept closer to the ground. Near-field RF obstacles could reduce the performance of the cells or render them unusable. The 3Z Telecom small cell reference plate helps you correctly align the cells in a cylinder-shaped canister.

What is global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) dual-frequency technology?

The global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) with dual-frequency technology is an essential element for RF vision equipment and helps provide correct antenna alignment measurements in high-density urban areas. It uses two different frequencies from two satellites.

Dual-frequency GNSS eliminates multipath errors that cause inaccuracies in location. Using two frequencies also ensures that if one frequency band has a failure, the other one can be used as a backup.

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What is the main purpose of the Small Cell Reference Plate?

To provide a reference point for mounting alignment tools on small cells or cylindrical stealth antennas, ensuring accurate alignment.

How does the Small Cell Reference Plate assist in antenna alignment?

It allows for the correct attachment of the Strap Clamp and alignment tools by following a designated reference point, preventing misalignment.

Can the RF Vision tool be used with any antenna types?

Yes, the RF Vision tool, with the Small Cell Reference Plate connected to the Strap Clamp, can be used on small cells or any cylindrical stealth antennas.

What problem does the Small Cell Reference Plate solve?

It solves the issue of tool misalignment which can occur if the alignment tools are not mounted correctly on antennas.

Is the Small Cell Reference Plate compatible with all alignment tools?

While the document specifically mentions its use with the RF Vision tool, it implies compatibility with alignment tools that can be mounted using a Strap Clamp.