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Hioki PQ3100-04/6000

Power Quality Analyzer Kit 4 Clamps 6000A

The Hioki PQ3100-04/6000 is a power quality analyzer kit that makes for the perfect power supply troubleshooting and maintenance tool. The Hioki PQ3100-04/6000 offers a variety of important functionalities. Key Features:

  • Record data including voltage, current, power, harmonics, and flicker simultaneously along a single time axis (Flicker recording available in future firmware update)
  • Measure up to 6000 A AC
  • Capture all power anomalies, including instantaneous outages, voltage drops, and frequency fluctuations, while simultaneously recording trend data
  • Quick Set: Easy-to-understand on-screen guide for measurement procedures
  • Bundled PQ ONE application software makes it easy to create reports
  • Record waveforms for up to 1 second before and 10 seconds after an anomaly occurs
  • Accurately measure DC currents over extended periods of time (with an optional AC/DC auto-zero current sensor)
  • Directly supply power to connected current sensors

TRS-RenTelco offers the Hioki PQ3100-04/6000 power quality analyzer kit for rent or lease with 365 days customer support. Contact us or Request a quote today.

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  • Cord Power

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  • Card Reader

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  • Software and Manuals on USB

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  • Memory Card SD 8 GB

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  • Manual Measurement Guide

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  • Cord Kit Voltage

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  • Sensor AC Flexible Current 6000 A 180 mm

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  • AC Adapter Input 100-240V~47-63Hz 1.62-072A; Output 12V... 5.25A

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  • Battery Pack Nickel-Metal Hydride 32.4 W 7.2 V 4500 mAh

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  • Carrycase Hard Plastic

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