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Hioki RM3545

Hioki DC resistance meters measure .

The Hioki RM3545 is a high-precision resistance meter with multi-channel capabilities. It's used for applications in advanced research and productions for the testing of winding resistance of motors, cables and transformers, contact resistance of power relays, switches and connectors, and resistance of magnetic parts and signal relays.

The RM3545 has a broad range of resistance measurement from 0.000 00m omega (10m omega range) to 1200.0M omega (1000 mu-omega range).

Hioki RM3545 - Features and Specifications:

  • Basic accuracy of 0.006%
  • Measure current ranging from 0.00 mu-omega (testing current 1 A) to 1200 mu-omega
  • Maximum resolution of 0.01 mu-omega (LP) 0.01mu-omega
  • Number of display digits max. 6.5
  • 20-channels of 4-terminal measurements
  • Safety standards of EN61010, EMC: EN61326, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3

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