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Holzworth Instrumentation HS9002A-E2

6GHz-2ch USB Controlled Multichannel RF Synthesizer, SMA(f)


Holzworth has refined its multi-channel platform in the form of the HS9000 Series for integration of the HSM Series Single Channel Synthesizers. The HS9000 series is designed to achieve optimal channel-to-channel stability via a conductively cooled, fan-less enclosure, with specific attention to phase coherency between the independently controllable channels.

The HS9000 Series is a unique platform allowing the user to specify the configuration of a COTS product. Units are loaded with anywhere from 1 to 8 channels, with the additional flexibility to specify the frequency limit of each loaded channel. The result is a high performance, multi-channel synthesizer that is tailored to an application while optimizing the price point.

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    Channel Dedicated External Modulation Input

  • OCXO

    10db Improved Close In Phase Noise

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