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Keithley 2230G-30-1

Programmable Triple Channel DC Power Supply

The Keithley 2230G-30-1 is a programmable triple channel DC power supply, in the Keithley Series 2230. Series 2220 and 2230 Multi-Channel Programmable DC Power Supplies are ideal for testing a wide range of devices, circuit boards, modules, and products that require multiple power sources cost-effectively. Series 2200 supplies provide two channels, each capable of outputting up to 30V and up to 1.5A. Series 2230 supplies include two 30V/1.5A channels plus a 6V channel with up to 5A output for powering digital circuits. The Keithley Model 2230 has two channels, which can supply up to 30V at 3A each; the third channel can provide up to 5V at 3A.

Some of the important features of the Keithley 2230G-30-1 are:

  • Independently controlled channels, having isolated outputs for maximum flexibility
  • Two 30 V channels can be combined in parallel (to double output current) or series (to double the output voltage)
  • Low noise
  • Linear regulation with <3 mVpp ripple and noise
  • USB and GPIB interfaces
  • Simultaneous display of voltage and current outputs for all channels

To get the Keithley 2230G-30-1 programmable triple channel DC power supply for rent or for purchase, contact TRS-RenTelco today. The equipment is calibrated by our experienced team of metrologists and technicians to stringent standards in our 50 GHz ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 compliant laboratory. We ship the product with minimal lead time and offer 12 months part and labor warranty, in case of purchase. Request a quote and benefit from our 365-day customer support.

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