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Keysight Technologies 89601B-BHE

LTE TDD Modulation Analysis

The Keysight 89601B-BHE vector signal analysis (VSA) software is a broad set of tools for demodulation and vector signal analysis. Keysight 89601B-BHE is a transferable license that is loaded on your PC or instrument and can be transported to another PC or instrument any time.

A window into what's happening inside complex wireless devices, the Keysight 89601B-BHE provides RF and baseband engineers a comprehensive set of measurement results and displays to test their LTE FDD signals based on the latest 3GPP TS 36 series standard. Additionally, the 89601B-BHE is available as a Floating license that can be accessed by multiple users when shared on a network server.

Keysight 89601B-BHE ? Key Features and Specifications:

  • Signal analysis modes: downlink (OFDMA), uplink (SC-FDMA); bandwidths from 1.4 to 20 MHz; up to 4x4 MIMO
  • LTE TDD per 3GPP Release 9 - standard supported signal analysis
  • Available as transportable or floating license
  • Overall signal quality can be analyzed through RMS and peak EVM, frequency error, I/Q errors, transport layer channel decoding and more
  • Color-coded traces like EVM vs. symbol, EVM vs. subcarrier, detected allocations (subcarrier vs. symbol), and frame summary helps locate signal losses
  • Time and frequency domain behavior estimated through time, spectrum, CCDF, PDF traces
  • Features like Auto-detect cell ID, resource blocks (power-based and decoded PDCCH) and power levels

The Keysight 89601B-BHE comes with 24/7 customer support and is available for rent or purchase at TRS-RenTelco.

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