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Tektronix MDO4104C-SA3

(4) 1 GHz analog channels, (16) digital ch, (1) 3 GHz RF

Why settle for anything less than the best? The Tektronix MDO4104C:SA3 is the world's most powerful six-in-one integrated mixed domain oscilloscope.

With complete customization and upgrade options, this Tektronix MDO gives you the choice to add all the instruments you need for synchronized insights into digital, analog, and RF signals. You can also configure the MDO4104C:SA3 with an integrated spectrum analyzer for simultaneously acquiring analog, digital, and spectrum.

Other upgrade options include analog bandwidth, arbitrary/function generator, digital channels, and protocol analysis.

Tektronix MDO4104C:SA3 Features and Specifications:

  • Bandwidth: 1GHz
  • Built-in spectrum analyzer: 3GHz
  • Four analog channels
  • Sample rate: Up to 5 GS/s
  • Maximum waveform capture rate: 340,000 wfm/s
  • 20M record length across channels
  • Three-year warranty

Resolve your embedded design challenges rapidly with the Tektronix MDO4104C:SA3. Power, performance, and speed guaranteed. This mixed domain oscilloscope is available for rent or lease online at TRS-RenTelco. Call 800.874.7123 for more information.

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--, TEK-MDO4104C SA3
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  • TEK-MDO4104C SA3

    Installed Option; (1) Spectrum Analyzer with Input frequency of 9 kHz to 3 GHz

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