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Tektronix P75PDPM

P7500 Precision Differential Probing Module

The Tektronix P75PDPM is a handheld Precision Differential Probing Module (PDPM) designed to meet all your probing needs. Featuring tapered tips for high precision, the P75PDPM is ideal for test points varying from 30 mils to 180 mils.

This Tektronix P7500 Series accessory lets you access multiple signals - including difficult-to-reach, high-density circuitry.

Tektronix P75PDPM Features and Specifications:

  • Up to 18GHz bandwidth
  • Quick adjusting variable tip spacing
  • Optional accessory available with the P7500 Series

The Tektronix P75PDPM probing module is available to rent, lease, or buy at TRS-RenTelco, with 24/7 support. Contact us to learn more or request a quote today.

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  • Tool Separator G3PO

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  • Ground Spring Tool

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  • Tip Cable P7500

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  • Probing Module Kit for P7500 (Set Of 2)

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  • Ground Spring Large (Set of 4)

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  • Ground Spring Small (Set Of 4)

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  • Probing Module Handle adapter

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  • Case Accessory Plastic

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  • Module Precision Differential Probing

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