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Teledyne LeCroy PE500AAA-X

Summit T516 (licensed as a Gen5 x16 analyzer at 8GB, no prob

Teledyne LeCroy - PE500AAA-X

The Summit T516 PCI Express (PCIe) 5.0 and Compute Express Link (CXL) Protocol Analyzer, the first protocol analyzer to capture x16 link width at 32GT/s for capturing, recording, and analysis of high performance devices and systems. Many PCIe 5.0 product designs are already in progress using the PCIe 5.0 specification and CXL Specifications. Companies are currently working with the Teledyne LeCroy Summit Z516 protocol exerciser for PCIe 5.0 and CXL at the deployment of PCIe 5.0 for host system emulation with their testing needs. This combination of a protocol analyzer and exerciser make Teledyne LeCroy the only supplier of protocol test and development tools for PCIe Gen 5 and CXL. High speed interposers that provide protocol analyzer connectivity to CEM or other form factor sockets on system boards will still continue to be the principle way to capture PCIe and CXL traffic into the protocol analyzer.

PE500AAA-X Product Highlights

• With advanced features such as support for PCI Express Spec 5.0, data rates of 2.5, 5, 8, 16 and 32GT/s, lane widths from x1 to x16, and a full 256 GB of trace memory, the Summit T516 Protocol Analyzer provides unmatched capability and flexibility for developers and users of advanced PCI Express products. The Summit T516 is by far the most advanced and sophisticated PCI Express Analyzer available in the market today.

• As with other Teledyne LeCroy PCI Express analyzers, the Summit T516 leverages the intuitive and powerful CATC Trace analysis software system, embedding a deep understanding of the PCI Express protocol hierarchy and intricacies. The colorful, intuitive and easy to use graphical display allows you to quickly capture and validate PCI Express product designs. All Teledyne LeCroy PCI Express protocol analyzers employ high-impedance, non-intrusive probing technology, thereby allowing fully unaltered data pass-through. The application display is highly configurable and can be modified to most users' debugging styles. Many features are available including a hierarchical display, protocol traffic summaries, detailed error reports, timing calculators, bus utilization graphs, and the ability to create userdefined test reports allowing developers to troubleshoot intricate problems and finish their projects on time. PCIe storage decodes such as NVMe, SATA Express (AHCI and ATA), SCSI Express (PQI and SOP), TCG (Trusted Computing Group), Precision Time Management (PTM) and virtualization decode such as Single and Multi-Root I/O Virtualization (SRIOV and MRIOV) as well as Address Translation Services (ATS) are available to broaden its capabilities to many different industry segments.

• In addition to a full suite of advanced hardware and software features, the Summit T516 provides user-convenience and analysis features, such as support for "lane swizzling" which allows a board developer to lay out a Mid-Bus probe pad with lanes in non-standard order, simplifying the design of the board. Internally the Summit T516 maps the lanes back into their correct order and accurately displays the embedded bus traffic. Other software features include enhanced error checking for automatic identification of additional error types, more compact trace files that allow for faster analysis of trace data, and the choice of simplified or advanced modes for setting up trace recording options.

Teledyne LeCroy & TRS-RenTelco

TRS-RenTelco is a proud partner of Teledyne LeCroy and offers a wide range of rental, purchase and leasing solutions designed specifically to meet the evolving needs of the electronic testing industry.  Our close relationship with Teledyne LeCroy allows us to ensure we have the right Protocol Analyzers solution for your job.

Renting Protocol Analyzers

With TRS-RenTelco, renting Protocol Analyzers equipment has never been easier. Enjoy same-day shipping, lease, and finance options on our inventory of over 5000 electronic testing equipment rentals. As one of North America’s largest test equipment rental providers, it is our mission to support the endeavors of our clients no matter how big or small with reliable expertise, excellent customer service, accuracy, and speed.

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**, PE028UCA-X, PE510SUA-A, PE550SUA-A
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  • PE028UCA-X

    2XGen 5 Interposer to Gen 5 Phy, Y-Cable (supports up to x8

  • PE510SUA-A

    Summit T516 Memory 16GB option

  • PE550SUA-A

    Compute Express Link (CXL) Analysis option for Summit T516

Standard Rental Accessories*
* Leased or Buy Used product accessories will be confirmed with quote.
  • Cable, Summit T5x x8 Y Cable

    Qty: 1
  • Cable, USB, 3.1C to STD A, 1m

    Qty: 1
  • Cable, RJ45 CAT5E 10 ft

    Qty: 1
  • Power Cord, 498GJ Plug H C19

    Qty: 1
  • Summit T516 PCI Express 5.0 and CXL Protocol Analyzer Quick Start Guide

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