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Teledyne LeCroy PERT3-10G

The PeRT3 (Protocol-enabled Receiver and Transmitter
The PeRT3 Phoenix fills the space between physical layer test and protocol test, providing a new and more intelligent capability for performance testing of receivers and transmitters. Designed to meet the test needs of engineers working with serial data transceivers and other high-speed serial data communication systems, the Teledyne LeCroy PeRT3 Test System is not just a new instrument, it is an entirely new instrument class.
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--, PERR006008, PERR00810GA, USBR008001A, USBR008PLSA
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  • PERR006008

    Eagle Receiver Tolerance Test Suite

  • PERR00810GA

    PCI Express Gen 1 / Gen 2 / Gen 3 Receiver Test Suite

  • USBR008001A

    USB 3.0 Receiver Tolerance


    USB3.1 Receiver Tolerance Test Suite

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