Doble Engineering M4000

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Doble Engineering M4000

Insulation Analyzer

Product Overview

The M4000 from Doble is the leading instrument for evaluating the condition of high-voltage power apparatus. The instrument evaluates the integrity of high-voltage substation apparatus by measuring the power factor/tangent delta and a number of other values. It also measures capacitance, to evaluate physical changes to the apparatus. With a maximum output of 300 mA at 10 kV, the Doble M4000 offers high charging current, allowing you to run single-phase exciting current tests at higher voltages, increasing the turn-to-turn stress.

The M4000 has the power to test a wide range of apparatus, making it highly versatile. It also uses a patented technique called Line Frequency Modulation, in which measurements are made at a frequency above and below the system frequency, to eliminate the effect of electrostatic interference. The result is highly accurate and repeatable measurements. Even a small change in a measurement becomes a reliable diagnostic indicator.

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