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Dranetz DRANVIEW 7

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Dranetz DRANVIEW 7

Dran-View PRO Software

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Product Overview

Dranetz DRAN-VIEW 7 software is a Windows based software package that lets you study power quality and/or energy data enabling power professionals to visualize and analyze power and energy monitoring data to their advantage.

Used by thousands of customers around the world, the DRAN-VIEW 7 has become the industry leading power management software tool. Easy to navigate, the Dranetz DRAN-VIEW 7 delivers programmed functionality, integrating powerful analytical capabilities with customizable options to meet the needs of the user. The Dranetz DRAN-VIEW 7 software goes beyond mere screen captures, giving you an innovative analysis of sample points documented by your Dranetz instrument, and presented in various aspects, including Time Plots, Event Lists, and Event detail. Optimized for speed, the DRAN-VIEW 7 software can accommodate large data sets while its advanced design allows you to zoom in on Time Plots and Event Detail graphs to get to more accurate information.

Dranetz DRAN-VIEW 7- Features and Specifications:

  • Flexible, allowing users to customize report presentations and math functions
  • Multi-functional ? provides complex data to evaluate, troubleshoot and prevent power quality events
  • High speed waveform calculations and file loading
  • Enhanced memory storage and file compression features for supporting large data files
  • Has an Undo/Redo queue feature
  • Built-in word processor edit reports, embeds text documents within Dran-View files, etc.
  • Improved Format Templates that delivers uniformity in layout and format
  • Automatic updates available via upgrades on the Internet

You can rent or lease the Dranetz DRANVIEW 7 at TRS-RenTelco with 365-day customer support.

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