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Keysight 34970A

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Keysight 34970A

Data Acquisition/Switch Unit

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Product Overview

The Keysight (formerly Agilent) 34970A data acquisition/data logger switch is a compact, economical, one-box solution for data logging, data acquisition, and general-purpose switching and control applications.

The 34970A is a full-featured, three-slot data acquisition mainframe that includes a built-in 6.5-digit DMM and can operate as a stand-alone device. Its 50,000 readings of non-volatile memory holds data even when power is off.

Each channel measures up to 11 different functions, eliminating the need for additional signal conditioning accessories. The screw-terminal connections remove the need for terminal blocks. The module 34901A comes with a built-in thermocouple reference and 20 two-wire channels.

You can use eight optional plug-in modules to create a compact data logger, full-featured data acquisition system, or a low-cost switching unit. The unique relay maintenance feature counts every closure on every switch for easy, predictable relay maintenance.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Keysight BenchVue data logger software license (BV0006B) provides easy test configuration setup and real-time data display and analysis. You can use the software with DAQ970A, 34972A, and 34980A. You can connect and control instruments and easily automate test sequences.
  • Mainframe with GPIB and RS-232 interfaces for SCPI compatibility to export data easily
  • 6 1/2-digit 22-bit internal DMM that scans up to 250 channels per second
  • Eight switch and control plug-in modules
  • Signal conditioning measures thermocouples, RTDs and thermistors, AC/DC volts and current, resistance, and frequency with built-in signal conditioning
  • Hi/Lo alarm limits on each input channel
  • Four TTL alarm outputs
  • Free BenchLink data logger software
  • Intuitive front panel with task-oriented self-guiding menus
  • Battery-backed real-time clock for pacing scans and timestamping readings
  • Up to 96 matrix cross points or 120 single-ended channels
  • DC voltage range: 100mV to 300V
  • True RMS AC voltage range: 100mV to 300V (3Hz to 300kHz)
  • Resistance range: 100 ohms to 100 M ohms 
  • Power supply: 100 V/120 V/220 V/240 V  /- 10%.

If you need a lesser DC scan rate of 45 channels per second and an accuracy of 0.0024%, check out the Fluke 2638A data acquisition system.

What Are the Common Applications of Data Logging?

Data loggers record information over time for a variety of applications. You can use Keysight 34970A data loggers to record temperature, humidity, wind speed, solar radiation, road traffic, tank levels, and other parameters.

Keysight (Formerly Agilent) 34970A Accessories

  • Test report
  • Instruction manual
  • Quick-start kit
  • Includes BV0006B Data Acquisition app
  • Rackmount kit You can check for these optional accessories:
  • 11062A - Kelvin clip set
  • 34307A - Ten-pack of J-type thermocouples 
  • 34308A - Five-pack of 10 k ohms thermistors
  • 34161A - Accessories pouch
  • 34131A - Hard transit case
  • E5810A - LAN/GPIB gateway
  • 82357B - USB/GPIB converter
  • 34970-80010 - DMM field installation kit
  • 34905-60001 - Kit of ten SMB-to-BNC adapter cables, 50 ohms
  • 34906-60001 - Kit of ten SMB-to-BNC adapter cables, 75 ohms

Rent or lease Keysight Technologies 34970A data acquisition/switch units or model 34972A units online at TRS-RenTelco.  Call us at 800.874.7123 to learn about Keysight (formerly Agilent) 34970A price information and other details.


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