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SAF Tehnika J0GSAP5511-KIT New

Spectrum Analyzer kit 2-8 GHz v.2 (USA)

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SAF Tehnika - J0GSAP5511-KIT

Spectrum Compact series is a product line comprising seven handheld microwave spectrum analyzers for the 0.3 – 87 GHz microwave frequency bands. Each device is dedicated to a specific frequency range so you can pay only for the range you actually use! This device offers mobility and ease of use for RF testing that portable spectrum analyzers just can not provide due to its size and weight.

J0GSAP5511-KIT Product Highlights

• Instant ON

• Completely stand-alone

• Battery time up to 4 hours

• Works perfectly with gloves

• High sensitivity & low noise floor

• Performs in a -15-55°C (5-131F) range

• Interference hunting

• Link troubleshooting

• Signal coverage testing

• Radio parameter verification

SAF Tehnika & TRS-RenTelco

TRS-RenTelco is a proud partner of SAF Tehnika and offers a wide range of rental, purchase and leasing solutions designed specifically to meet the evolving needs of the electronic testing industry.  Our close relationship with SAF Tehnika allows us to ensure we have the right Spectrum Analyzers solution for your job.

Renting Spectrum Analyzers

With TRS-RenTelco, renting Spectrum Analyzers equipment has never been easier. Enjoy same-day shipping, lease, and finance options on our inventory of over 5000 electronic testing equipment rentals. As one of North America’s largest test equipment rental providers, it is our mission to support the endeavors of our clients no matter how big or small with reliable expertise, excellent customer service, accuracy, and speed.

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--, J0AA0606LPH1, J0AASA04, J0SPAC14
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  • J0AA0606LPH1

    Antenna, Spectrum Compact 0.65-6 GHz log-periodic with handle and pocket for Spectrum Compact

  • J0AASA04

    Water and shockproof case for Sniffer antennas, Medium

  • J0SPAC14

    Protective case for single Spectrum Compact v.2 unit

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