Exfo FPM-602X

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Exfo FPM-602X

Optical Power Meter

Product Overview

The highly versatile EXFO FPM-602X Power Meter is the ideal tool for link and system qualification. Thanks to its memory capacity of 1000 data items and converter software, the FPM-602X facilitates data management and enables data transfer to a PC via USB connection. With more than 40 calibrated wavelengths, the FPM-602X adapts to all network types (LAN, CWDM, high-speed DWDM, etc.). It allows for user-defined measurement wavelengths, using the interpolation method between calibrated points. Use its Hold Min/Max Power function to measure system power burst or fluctuations.

Here are the key features of the FPM-602X:

  • Memory capacity of 1000 data items; enables data transfer to a PC via USB connection
  • User-configurable pass/fail thresholds with LED indicator
  • Over 40 calibrated wavelengths, and Hold Min/Max Power function
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Visual fault locator (VFL) option for quick and easy troubleshooting
  • Error-free, time-saving test features: automatic wavelength switching, no offset nulling

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EXFO`s FPM/FLS-300/600 series taking a ruggedness test.