Kaelus (formerly Summitek) IQA-110A

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Kaelus (formerly Summitek) IQA-110A

PIM Accessory Kit

Product Overview

The Kaelus (formerly Summitek) iQA-110A is an accessory kit developed to augment the use of a passive intermodulation (PIM) tester. The Kaelus iQA-110A comes with various implements and add-ons that allow technicians to validate test equipment operations and additionally, allows them to perform PIM testing on systems that have Type-N connectors and 7-16 DIN. All the components of this PIM accessory kit are packaged in a convenient and robust hard carrying case for safety and easy portability.

The Kaelus (formerly Summitek) iQA-110A Accessory Kit for PIMS Test Sets, consisting of the following:

  • Transit Case Assembly
  • Tool Bag
  • 3m test cable, Dm?Df
  • 3m test cable, Dm-Dm
  • Adapter, Dm-Dm
  • Adapter, Dm-Nm
  • Adapter, Dm-Nf
  • Connector cleaning kit
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Torque wrench, 32mm, 25Nm
  • PIM Source

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